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"At the end of the day all that matters is LOVE and MEMORIES so make sure you give it and I make sure I make them.... "  A.Barria

"To capture a moment as if a caress unfolding, an essence, a point of existence, of coming into being and perishing away, where the hidden lens reveals and signifies forms unseen: the ephemeral and ethereal, those auras of the falling hours -- auroras and crepuscules -- forever immortalized in their sublime ecstasy. To photograph as if an entire philosophy: to capture chance in pomp and circumstance so as to construct a splendid classic sonata that eternizes and pierces time in being and being in time. Andrés’ intentional eyes become a poetic lens: he enters the harmony of an event, of a landscape, of a soul and transforms a series of instants and perspectives into song that is poesy and poesy that becomes myth”….


In little over 18 years, autodidact and visually gifted Chilean-Canadian photographer Andrés Barría Davison has mastered the art of photo-poesy and tonal geometry to commemorate Mexico’s indigenous cultures, its enchanting fiestas, weddings, rites, and the tonal beauties of its peoples in the infinite quotidian. He conjugates the heroic symphony of Mexico’s vivid streets and squares, markets and rural villages with the mesmerizing visages, epic emotions and haunting landscapes to resurrect a land tormented between the sublime and the tragic, the transcendent and the immanent. Barria Davison’s camera, Mexico’s metaphor, is an exhilarating hermetic ladder ascending and descending the totalities of Mexico’s millenary and capacious existence the divine, the indigenous and the profane in order to evoke Mexico’s idyllic cosmic melancholy against its oblivion: a hurricane.

Born in 1966 in an artistic milieu, Barría Davison relocated from Chile’s Straight of Magellan near his native Punta Arenas to Chile’s Atacama Desert, and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1994, and to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2004.

At the age of 17 he got his first camera while doing summer work in a Kodak retail store in  northern Chile, since then he has been in love and obsessed with Photography.

Andres started photographing weddings in 2008, after a many requests from friends and clients, today he is considered one of the most reputable and versatile photographers in Mexico. Because his unique style, composition, quality, creativity and exceptional service his boutique photo company located in Puerto Vallarta is recommended by some the most prestigious and exclusives resorts in the area today like; Four Seasons Hotel Punta Mita, Hacienda Cuixmala , Hotel Mousai, St.Regis, Garza Blanca Preserve, W Hotel, La Tranquila, Conrad Punta Mita and Imanta Hotel to name a few.

Since 2011, he has won many awards, most notably from the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards for his two novel Mexican images “Two Sisters and the Cat” and “Old Lady in the Kitchen,” also selected by magnum photographer Steve McCurry and exhibited at the Borges Cultural Gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2014 alone he was given the certification by the Secretary of Tourism SECTUR in Mexico as a Destination Wedding Specialist.

Inspired by Casasola and Chambi, Alvarez Bravo and Garduño, Hector Garcia and Iturbide, Ortiz Monasterio, Koudelka and Kertesz, Cruz, Meyer and Salgado, Barría Davison’s photo-poesy spans Mexico’s odyssey in 30,000 riveting images. His photographs are fractals whose spirit is a Petrarchan sonnet. They conjugate cosmos and chaos, the divine and beings the cosmotheandric in light and shadow in a photographic poem whose octaves and sestets intimate presence and luminescence, and are resurrections of Mexico’s ancestral spirit gaze.

His commercial atelier, Andres Barria Photography, renowned for its lyric bridal and rites of passage compositions, singularly captures with visionary symmetry the ominous splendour of Mexico’s fleeting odyssey, weaving equal sentiment with equal light, with superb artistry. Weddings, gatherings, and rites of passage transcend in the image, becoming idyllic symphonies in memory’s immanent tapestry.

Andres Barria is available for Destination Weddings and photo assignments anywhere in the world.


Andres Barria works has been published in Magazines like, Carats & Cake NY, Hola! Mexico, Chic Magazine Monterrey, Novias de Pasarela Mexico, VIP Vallarta, ArquiTK Magazine Mexico City, Black and White Magazine Puerto  Vallarta, Property Journal Puerto Vallarta, Sierra Madre de Monterrey, Arts Takes Miami 2012 Book of the year etc...


Two of Andres Award Winning Iconic photographs “Two Sisters and the Cat” and an “Old Lady in the Kitchen,” were displaying on January/February 2013 together with the work of the Magnum photographer Steve McCurry at the Jorge Luis Borgues Cultural Center in Buenos Aires Argentina. This happened after Andres Barria was nominated First Runner up in a World Portrait Competition held in England, UK by the WPGA in 2012, were over 2,000 photographers from 57 countries participated, the awarded images were selected by Steve McCurry.

March 2017,  ZIWA AWARD 2017 ! ZankYou International Wedding Awards. Wedding Category Photography, a recognition Award for quality of work, service and professionalism, this recognition it was gave by Professionals of the Wedding Industry.


July 2014, one of Andres stunning Photographs "Mother and Child" appears for the second time in history on the largest Screen of Times Square in New York City USA, after world wide artist event competition organized by See Me in New York, USA.

2013, as a Finalist at the "Art Takes Times Square" world competition, 10 of his Awarded Photographs were shown for first time in the history on the largest Screen of Times Square in New York, USA.

December 2012, WPGA England, UK Image Finalist, “ La Nina Triste"  Street Photography Category.

December 2012, WPGA England, UK Honorable Mention, “Water Reflections” Fine Art Category.

October 2012, in New York by PDN "One Life 2012 Photo Contest"  Portfolio Finalist, People and Portraits Category. 

July 2012, by Photographers of the America Mexico, “Two Lovers” Image finalist Wedding Category.

February 2012, by Photographers of the America Mexico, “At the Beach” image finalist  Wedding Category.

May 2011 Polloux Awards WPGA England , UK 3rd Place “Two sisters and the Cat”  B&W  Fine Art Category. 


 Member  ZankYou   BOWP  "Best of Wedding Photography"   Fearless  MyWed  AIR.PV.NR   

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